4-Year Warranty

Unmatched durability you can count on, without the small print.

Taylor-Dunn Warranty

Our vehicles are built to last, and our warranty stands behind that. As part of our continued commitment to deliver durable, high-quality and trusted vehicles, our all-new four-year warranty covers every Taylor-Dunn vehicle manufactured after January 1, 2024 across our global network of 360 authorized dealers.

To submit a warranty claim, please contact your local Taylor-Dunn dealer. 

Taylor-Dunn 4-year warranty


✓   Four years of coverage from the date of manufacture.

✓   All vehicles manufactured after January 1, 2024.

✓   Includes parts and labor.


Engineered for rugged durability and enhanced safety, Taylor-Dunn’s trusted fleet of highly versatile industrial electric vehicles have been powering productivity across the globe for 75 years. 

Discover how our vehicles can help you save on maintenance costs, improve safety and boost productivity by connecting with our team. 

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