More Than 70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Taylor-Dunn, now part of Waev Inc., is the leading provider of commercial and industrial EV solutions. For over 70 years, a broad portfolio of proven electric utility vehicles, personnel carriers, burden carriers, and tow tractors have been powering productivity across the United States and the world. Today, the team at Taylor-Dunn is dedicated to bringing new innovations to its lineup, while still maintaining rugged durability, trusted safety, and unmatched versatility for a wide range of industries and applications.
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With more than 250 employees, people are at the center of everything we do at Taylor-Dunn and Waev. Meet some of the experts that are pushing our company forward.


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2 utility vehicles: one larger the
All-New Lithium-Ion Tiger and Taylor Dunn Vehicles

Waev Inc. launches the all-new, fully electric, lithium-ion-powered Tiger tow tractors and Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot utility vehicles— unlocking significantly lower total cost of ownership, zero emissions, industry-first safety features and limited maintenance.

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Waev Purchases GEM, Taylor-Dunn, and Tiger

Waev Inc. purchases the GEM, Taylor-Dunn, and Tiger businesses from Polaris Inc. Founded by five former Polaris leaders, Waev strategically places GEM and Taylor-Dunn at the forefront of the business.

Entrance of Taylor Dunn Manufacturing
Polaris Industries acquires Taylor-Dunn

Taylor-Dunn joins GEM, Goupil, Aixam and ORV commercial vehicles as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polaris, as an adjacent market extension.

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Taylor-Dunn Expands Product Lineup with Bigfoot Models

Aptly branded, the 36- and 48-volt AC-powered Bigfoot sported a longer operator’s compartment, significantly improved legroom, and more comfortable ergonomics. In 2015 and 2016, Taylor-Dunn also launched the Bigfoot XL and Bigfoot 3000. These larger versions of Bigfoot enabled more towing and payload capacity and were huge advancements for the Taylor-Dunn lineup.

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Goodwin's purchase Taylor-Dunn

Arthur Goodwin introduced lean manufacturing, a "just-in-time" method. He also expanded upon the product line, brought in a German built precision laser cutter and an engineering software to allow for rapid prototyping of engineered drawings for the highly customized vehicles, all of which are still used today.

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New Commercial Solutions

Taylor-Dunn leaves the golf cart industry to focus on commercial markets including manufacturing, universities, airports and more.

Introduction of The E-450

At the time, this stand-up tow tractor reinvented vehicle maneuverability for safer operation in narrow aisle towing applications, such as the warehouse or manufacturing facility.

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Taylor-Dunn makes its television debut

Taylor-Dunn appears on the silver screen for the first time in Hawaii 5-0, and continues to share starring roles in the sports and entertainment world today.

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Taylor-Dunn releases first neighborhood electric cart

Taylor-Dunn releases the model “R” Trident three-wheel neighborhood electric cart complete with headlights, taillights, and turn signals. In 1963 a four-person pickup version was released.

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Taylor-Dunn enters the golf cart market

Taylor-Dunn released its first three-wheeled golf cart in 1955—the model “PG” Taylorcar. In 1961, Taylor-Dunn introduced their second golf cart line, the “Tee-Bird.”

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Fred Dunn joins the business

Fred Dunn, Mr. Taylor's son-in-law, joined the business in 1951, and several years later the company changed its name to Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company. Before long, the company began making and selling vehicles to hundreds of ranchers and nurseries from San Diego to Simi Valley.

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R.D. Taylor Sr. starts "Taylor Shop"

Mr. Taylor initially built a small electric-powered cart for personal use in his poultry supply business. After receiving inquiries from other ranchers about the little cart, he decided to build a few for friends and neighbors. The year was 1949, and the business was named the "Taylor Shop".

Proud to be part of the Waev Family

 Founded in 2021, Waev is a strategic partner dedicated to solving the mobility market’s challenges with nimble innovation and comprehensive solutions. Waev proudly manufacture, distribute, market, and support the GEM, Taylor-Dunn, and Tiger brands.

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