WAREHOUSE Electric Carts

Increase labor efficiencies, save on maintenance costs, improve safety and optimize productivity in your manufacturing facilities with Taylor-Dunn warehouse vehicles and electric carts.

Taylor-Dunn stockchaser

Picking INVENTORY and Line Feed

Compact warehouse electric carts for picking inventory, replenishing stock, carrying loads and towing in narrow aisles.

Utility Vehicle

warehouse Maintenance

Taylor-Dunn warehouse vehicles can be equipped with ladder racks, 5-drawer tool chests, a work bench, lockable cabinet and a variety of other options that make them ideal for warehouse maintenance.

Bigfoot S
Burden Carrier
Personnel Carrier
Utility Vehicle
Man operating a vice grip connected to a blue utility vehicle
Utility vehicle facilities transportation

Supervisor Transportation

Use a warehouse electric cart to move around your large facility quickly and safely to address issues, ensure team productivity, stay on schedule and uphold department performance.

Personnel Carrier
Burden Carrier

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