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Taylor Dunn TC-30/50 and TC-30/60 comparison summary vs top competitors

Taylor-Dunn TC-30/50C and TC-30/60 vs. Top Competitors


The Taylor-Dunn TC-30/50C and TC-30/60 are built for durability, ergonomics, and safety for your jobsite needs. Download the comparison chart below for an in-depth understanding of specifications showing how the TC-30/50C and TC-30/60 stack up to competition.


Taylor-Dunn has proven durability through years of rugged performance with many vehicles remaining in operation for over 10 years. With a Fully Welded Steel Frame and a tow capacity of up to 60,000 lbs, trust the TC-30/50C and TC-30/60 with your medium-duty towing needs.


To overcome rider fatigue, the TC-30/50C and TC-30/60 are engineered to increase rider comfort. With options such adjustable seats and optional full cab, rider’s comfort is a top priority for Taylor-Dunn.


Safety Features

Safety is a key feature of the Taylor-Dunn TC-30/50 C and TC-30/60. Taylor-Dunn tow tractors have features such as a horn, dual headlights, tail, brake and reverse lights.


All information has been obtained from publicly-available and reputable sources, including manufacturer websites and product manuals.