Custom Solutions

When your application requires a unique solution, Taylor-Dunn will design and manufacture a custom vehicle to match your exact specifications. With custom features ranging from special paint colors to major frame modifications, Taylor-Dunn builds its custom vehicles with the same craftsmanship, quality, and care that we build into each of our standard Taylor-Dunn vehicles.

Bigfoot Ambulance
This Bigfoot Ambulance has been customized with a full gurney and non-marking tires. Refer to serial number 204225.
Bigfoot Emergency
This custom Bigfoot includes Deluxe cab, steel box with three double-locking doors, diamond plate deck, light bar, siren, PA system, speakers, painted Cardinal Red, and more. Refer to serial number 197721.
R-380 Security
When you need security at zoos, county fairs, and amusement parks, the R-380 can be equipped with a cab, steel box, sirens and loudspeaker. Refer to serial number 195359.
Bigfoot Dumpbox
This Bigfoot has been customized with a manual tilt bed and stake sides. Refer to serial number 210110.


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