Engineered for rugged durability and enhanced safety, Taylor-Dunn’s trusted fleet of highly versatile industrial electric vehicles have been powering productivity across the globe for 75 years.

Industrial and Commercial Electric Utility Vehicles

Burden Carriers
Industry-leading with ranges up to 60 mi, payload up to 3,000 lb and towing up to 10,000 lb, our burden carriers are powerful enough for railyards and airports, nimble enough for tight facilities, and quiet and clean enough for resorts and parks.
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Utility Vehicles
Maximize productivity, cut carbon emissions, reduce operating costs and promote workplace safety with our lineup of utility vehicles and electric carts. Tow up to 10,000 lb, haul up to 3,000 lb with ranges up to 60 mi.
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Highly maneuverable narrow-aisle warehouse vehicles with ranges up to 40 miles, load capacities up to 1,000 lb and towing up to 5,000 lb, our stockchasers are a compact and cost-effective solution to improve warehouse productivity.
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Personnel Carriers
For supervisors, guests or security—transport yourself or a team around your facility quickly and safely, indoors and outdoors. Our personnel carriers have a range up to 20 miles, a 600-lb load capacity and 2,000-lb towing capacity.
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75 years Taylor-Dunn


Electric Utility Vehicles for a breadth of industries

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Improve safety, increase labor efficiencies, and optimize productivity in your manufacturing facility with Taylor-Dunn warehouse vehicles and carts.

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Colleges & Universities

Moving students, staff, and materials across campus should be easy. From orientation to graduation, Taylor-Dunn has you covered.

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Parks & Recreation

From trail maintenance and landscaping to transporting guests, Taylor-Dunn utility vehicles will improve productivity across your park—safely and efficiently.

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Hospitality & Tourism

Transport guests and goods around your property efficiently with zero carbon emissions and no noise pollution. Our utility vehicles and electric carts can be configured to fit your needs. 

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Federal Government

With hundreds of configurations for maintenance, hauling, towing and transportation, Taylor-Dunn heavy-duty electric vehicles are engineered to complete the mission.

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State & Local Governments

Taylor-Dunn utility vehicles and personnel carriers are ideal for states and municipalities looking for a durable vehicles to move people and goods around city properties.

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From the Big Apple to Silicon Valley, Taylor-Dunn utility vehicles and burden carriers cover business and residential properties coast-to-coast.

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Taylor-Dunn baggage trucks, lavatory service trucks and potable water service trucks can take your ground support operations to new heights. 

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Taylor-Dunn warranty


Stockchaser low step height


Safety is our top priority. With low speeds, low step heights, high visibility, emergency off switches, shutoff timers, large operator compartments, adjustable seats, and foot rests, Taylor-Dunn industrial utility vehicles and electric utility carts are built to reduce safety-related injuries and improve operator comfort.


Our customers and partners need tough and dependable industrial vehicles that meet their needs and are built to last. With heavy-duty steel frame bodies engineered to withstand the ruggedness of industrial and outdoor environments and overbuilt drives and transmissions comparable to trucks in many cases, our electrified workhorses are up to the job and intentionally designed to serve the needs of our customers without unnecessary added complexities. 

We’re proud to offer a four-year warranty from the date of manufacture for all vehicles manufactured after 1/1/2024 as part of our continued commitment to deliver high-quality, trusted industrial electric vehicles.

Taylor-Dunn property management vehicle
Electric utility vehicle warehouse management


Strong enough to tow twice as much as a pickup truck, nimble enough for the tightest facilities, and quiet and clean enough for resorts and parks, our electric utility vehicle lineup is uniquely positioned to serve a breadth of industries and applications.

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