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Vehicle Sales

For Tiger Tractors sales, we'll have a Taylor-Dunn representative contact you.
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Tiger OEM Parts

Tiger OEM parts can be obtained through your local Taylor-Dunn dealer or Metro Crown International, depending on the vehicle's age/serial number.

For vehicles manufactured BEFORE July of 2009 (all Tiger 5 digit serial numbers), please contact Metro Crown International. These vehicles were manufactured at the plant in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Parts lists for these units are still kept at this location.

» Metro Crown

For vehicles manufactured AFTER July of 2009 (Taylor-Dunn Serial number 180347 and up), please contact your local Taylor-Dunn Dealer. These vehicles were manufactured at Taylor-Dunn in Anaheim, California.

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Technical Support

Technical support for your Tiger tractor will now be supplied through Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing and their Dealer Network.

For technical support, please contact your local Taylor-Dunn Dealer or Taylor-Dunn directly.

Taylor-Dunn Dealer Network

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Taylor-Dunn Support

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