The Best Way to Go About Your Business

For over 60 years, Taylor-Dunn has been designing and manufacturing high quality industrial and commercial vehicles to match your specific application. Choose one of over 60 standard vehicle models, or ask us to design and build a custom vehicle to help you move people, carry material, and tow loads. Whether you choose a standard model or a custom vehicle, we have the right vehicle to get the job done.


In the terminal and on the tarmac, Taylor-Dunn's rugged line of standard and custom vehicles offers excellent choices to match the demanding requirements of the aviation industry.


Taylor-Dunn's line of eco-friendly utility vehicles offers a selection of models that have reliably served the public interest in government facilities, military bases, and other locations around the world.


Taylor-Dunn vehicles are quiet, reliable, and safe, all features which make them well suited for unobtrusively moving people or material in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Hotels & Resorts

Applications in hotels and resort properties are well served by the extensive number of options and the ease-of-operation associated with Taylor-Dunn vehicles which have been serving the hospitality industry for decades.

Houses, Condominiums, and Apartments

Maintaining the grounds and moving people are daily requirements for most residential environments, and Taylor-Dunn offers a number of quiet, safe, economical models well matched to accomplish these tasks.


Increasing efficiency and boosting productivity are essential requirements for manufacturing applications, and Taylor-Dunn offers a variety of rugged vehicles built to get the job done in demanding conditions of factories around the world.


The ease with which Taylor-Dunn vehicles move between indoor and outdoor environments, together with low maintenance requirements and important safety features, makes certain Taylor-Dunn vehicles a natural choice for a variety of nursery applications.

Universities & Schools

Whether it is a final exam or a research project, the educational environment highly values a vehicle that is safe and quiet. Taylor-Dunn's line of fume-free, electric vehicles offers an ideal way to quietly move throughout your campus.


Successful warehouse operations are characterized by a persistent quest for efficiency, and Taylor-Dunn's line of vehicles offers a number of excellent solutions for moving materials and transporting people to help operators meet demanding efficiency goals.

Zoos & Convention Centers

From elephant accommodations to exhibition halls, the animal kingdom and convention visitors have at least one thing in common: they don't like being disturbed. Taylor-Dunn offers a variety of low-impact, eco-friendly vehicles well suited for applications such as security, grounds maintenance, and visitor transportation.