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Why do I need to provide the vehicle's serial number to order parts?

The serial number is needed to determine the parts used to build the vehicle.

Can you help me look up a part for my vehicle?

Yes, we will need the model and serial number of the vehicle.

Where do I find the serial number?

The serial number is located in different areas depending on the model and year manufactured. Click here to download the Serial locator bulletin.

Note: This file is approximately 15mb. Save to your computer for future reference.

Do you still supply parts for older vehicles?

Most drive and speed control parts are still available.

Can I get a copy of a MSDS?

Sure, we will provide the MSDS upon request to

Do you sell direct?

We sell through authorized Taylor-Dunn dealers only. Click here for to find a dealer near you.

Can I convert my vehicle from rheostat to electronic controller?

Taylor-Dunn does not have or support rheostat speed control conversion kits. No research has been done to determine what is required for this type of conversion. A parts list is not available.

Refer to the current Taylor-Dunn Service/Parts manuals for information regarding speed control system components. Taylor-Dunn cannot provide any further information regarding this conversion.

Can I get a wiring diagram for my vehicle?

Yes, please provide the model and serial number and we will forward a copy of the wiring diagram.

Can I find vehicle manuals online?

Taylor-Dunn is currently working on loading our manuals online.

Do you sell Kalamazoo parts?

Kalamazoo vehicles with a six-digit serial number are supported by the Taylor-Dunn dealer network. Provide the model & serial number of the vehicle. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Older Kalamazoo vehicles are supported by Metro Crown International.

Where can I get parts for my United Tractor?

United Tractor parts are sold through Metro Crown International.

Do you accept government credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, & Amex for all parts orders.

Can I buy from the dealer and will-call the parts at your facility?

Will-Call is not available through Taylor-Dunn. Check with your authorized Taylor-Dunn dealer for their Will-Call procedures.

What is the warranty on purchased parts?

Six months from date of purchase. Download our New Parts Warranty Statement (PDF)